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What happens when a rare conjunction between Pluto and Uranus occurs and what affect does it hold in store for the lives of everyday ‘ordinary folk’?

Well, it’s something that Dave from the post room is about to find out. Pluto is in Uranus and for him this indicates that everything is about to come up smelling of roses or so he thinks!

Dave suffers from OCF, Obsessive Compulsive Fatalism, and His Achilles heel is his daily horoscope, which is about to become dramatically affected by the historic planetary alignment.

The lucky omens predicted will compel him to take uncharacteristic chances, cross paths with a hotchpotch of larger-than-life eccentric characters. These include a Benny Hill loving vicar, a transvestite, a hippy, a diamond thief, a sausage roll eating Bank manager, an underworld female mechanic, an ‘ungry man, some piranha fish, a chimpanzee and many others. Each get him embroiled in hilarious situations that are way beyond his control and out of his comfort zone!

Dave's Lucky omens will come back to taunt him!

Daniel N
This book cracked me up, it’s absolutely 100% hilarious!
Having read the other reviews, I decided to buy a copy to judge it for myself. I won’t lie, the reviews are all spot on.
This tale is genuinely hysterically funny, and it should be compelled to carry a laugh out loud warning on the front cover.
It is a fast-paced easy read. The story is cleverly constructed and one I that I can promise will entertain from the very first word to the last.
It was indeed Kushti Bok that I took the gamble (sorry Dave) and bought a copy. If you enjoy laughter, I suggest you do the same.